The Palm bracelet is a modern day adventure and travel accessory connecting wanderlust lovers around the globe

We are creating a community of passionate individuals who all share the love for escaping the pressures of everyday life through travelling and expressing positivity.
The Palm Band is not just a bracelet but a ticket to joining a network of like minded people all sharing the drive for exploring, adventure, travel and the love for everyday life. Our aim to create a product that radiates luxury, classy, positive vibes. We aren’t just creating a product but a brand which the consumers are able to connect with one another through a unique family orientated social community. We care about our consumers and we want everybody to share their adventures with our team for us to share online.
The Palm Tree has a unique linking system which emphasises the tropical heart of our brand. Our brand originated from Josh and Alex’s love for travelling to the tropics, getting lost in the moment and connecting with new people from around the planet.

The Palm Band represents the attitude to love the life you live

We noticed that local and international bracelet companies were all made from cheap materials, had predictable, uncreative designs and had a week relationship between product and brand. We wanted to create a luxury but affordable jewellery piece which represents our love for exploring new places and meeting new people across the globe.
The Palm Band is the only bracelet that you can confidently wear on the beach during the day and out on the town in the evening. Many of our competitors haven't executed such a product that ouses class with such affordability and versatility.
The reason we choose a palm tree as the anchor links was because palm trees radiate happiness and we believe featuring a palm instead of an anchor will drive a joyful image into the customers mind every time they glance down at their wrist. Our aim is to create a product that integrates people from all nationalities, religions and ethics. We believe the palm is an international symbol which can bring customers together into a collective network.
By wearing the palm band, this showcases the same positive attitude towards life which our community share. The palm is the icon for all things that truly matter in life. Beauty, love, creativity, joy and inner peace. We can't argue our story begins on the shores of Bali,Indonesia. A place we now call home. The white beaches and crystal waters will always be in our routes. But we can see the Palm Band as a brand which engulfs people from all walks of life. We aim to have the palm band in retailers in major cities around the world this year.