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Team Palm Vacay - The Slow, Gili Air

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Slow Gili Air welcomed us with warmth and care, like the feeling of returning home after a long time away. Icy cold lime drinks presented on a tray while we were shown a map with all the favourite island spots, highlighted and drawn on with personal little love hearts for the must-sees.

Our own hearts, bursting, as we pushed open the gates to what would be our darling private home for the next two nights. A perfectly exquisite, exotic paradise - the impossibly green expanse of lawn, the immense palm trees and tranquil pool and of course - my favourite tropical touch, the thatched roof... which housed a fully-equipped kitchen, stunning double bedroom and outdoor, jungle-like bathroom.

The entire weekend felt like a dream. A vision of white sand beaches, the warm ocean embracing us, glorious garden yoga, floating pool breakfasts, cold coconuts on pink sun loungers, gourmet Spanish tapas (yes!), nighttime bicycle rides across the tiny island and candle-lit beach dinners with my love.

The best of all our adventures though was the Slow Gili Air’s private snorkelling trip. Three spectacular hours of treasured memories. Discovering the hidden gems that lay beneath the shimmering crystal water. Swimming alongside countless sea turtles blissfully gliding, hundreds of curious tropical fish, boasting colours I’ve never seen before, sleeping sea serpents (thank goodness!), underwater statues of lovers and other otherworldly magic.

One very special stay and i left with a rejuvenated mind and soul, with full understanding of The Slow's unique concept. Based on the slow spirit (slow cooking, slow moving, slow stretching), a highly recommended way to get back sense of the essential value of life.

Thank you The Slow Gili Air that was a dream come true. 

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