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The Palm Band company was founded in Indonesia back in early 2016. These small islands have been our home ever since. 

This country inspired us to develop our crazy dream into who we are today. If you haven't been to Indonesia before... here's some of our top travel tips and locations to visit.

Sunsets - some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world happen over Bali. Our favourite has to be over famous Finns Beach Club in Canggu. This is where we have our evening cocktails after a long day producing content with our influencers, content creators and friends. Their prices may be on the high side for the island but there extended 5pm-8pm 'happy hour' is a welcome site to your wallet. Also try and time any island hopping/boat trips between the Nusa Islands and Bali to be at sunset, this is a truly beautiful and nostalgic ride as the waves are usually calmer and its quieter then!

Sunset - Pitch Black Palm BandSunset - Nusa Ceningan


Beach Clubs - If you're looking for something with that heart pumping Ibiza feel or something more relaxed Bali has it all. From the locally famous Mrs Sippy in Canggu to the world-renowned Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak or Omnia and Sundays Beach Club in Uluwatu. The small island packs in almost 20 world class beach clubs. The best night of the year has to be the New Years; make sure to book in advance as its crazy busy everywhere!

Omnia, UluwatuOmnia, Uluwatu


La Favela Club, Seminyak- If you know, you know... the best place on the island to blow off some steam, have a dance, have a Bintang or 20... And have one of the most memorable nights of your life. Check out the doorman who always reps our Twilight Silver Palm Band!


Swimming with Manta Rays, Nusa Lembongan - Nothing compares to getting underwater with these gentle giants. Treat yourself to a day trip or a few nights away in the picturesque and much quieter island of Nusa Lembongan. We recommend the early starts to capture the best content, as the majority of tourists leave from the famous Yellow Bridge at 9am. Private boat tours are usually double the normal price but well worth the extra 10$ if you're a content creator and need space for your gear on the boat! 

Manta Point, Nusa Penida 

 Behind the scenes - Manta Point, Nusa Ceningan

Mahana Point, Nusa Ceningan - A short bike ride from the scared Yellow Bridge in Nusa Ceningan. Mahana Point is now a world famous cliff jumping an Bintang drinking spot. Home to almost every influencer ever, this spot is an adrenaline junkies heaven! We bring our team here every summer for some cliff jumping action which always creates the best content! Don't leave till after sunset for the chance to possibly see the dolphins who parade the islands shores every sunset. Look out for Mahani... he will be working behind the bar, if you ask kindly he will let you use the AUX cable to play some sunset bangers! Start with some Bob Marley to set the mood... We all know the 1st song choice is always the scariest! 


Mahana Point, Nusa Ceningan

 Mahana Point, Nusa Ceningan

The Yellow Bridge, Nusa Lembongan - On our first team palm trip to Indonesia, we left a mere 3 days before the fatal bridge collapse on Nusa Lembongan. Killing 8 people and injuring dozens. Make sure you pay your respects when crossing the bridge. The small and under-developed island has been struggling to recover ever since the disaster in October 2016. The iconic bridge is now much stronger and safe to use. Its a stunning drone location for some iconic shots, but good look trying to capture something original here!

Yellow Bridge, Nusa Lembongan

Yellow Bridge, Nusa Lembongan


Elephant Park, Ubud - The Ubud Elephant Park was one of the first Bali locations to host a team palm photoshoot. Be sure to spend your money at this cruelty-free elephant facility. Why ride one when you can safely take a river bath with one or feed the gentle giants in your own guided area. They are extremely keen to promote the Elephant park on social media so there's no harm messaging them before going and offering your services! This is an experience you'll never forget. 

Elephant Park, Ubud

Team Palm - Elephant Park - Ubud


Cafes, cafes, cafes - From LA and Milan to Australia and Indonesia – Bali’s café owners bring the best of the best from their countries to this island paradise, resulting in a coffee and food scene the rest of the world can only dream of. Our favourite being Coffee Cartel. Blake the owner, is an Aussie legend, if you see a smiley, brown haired Aussie wearing a singlet, Rip-curl shorts and vans, that'll be Blake! So make sure you go say HEY! Coffee Cartel is everything you need in the perfect cafe: delicious food, specialty coffee, GF/Vegan options, Instagram-able features, fast wifi, and spacious seating areas. When the villa internet is down... This is always a great upload space.

Coffee Cartel - Seminyak

Kynd Community - Seminyak 

The Bali Swing, Ubud - Very overpriced but worth it for the IG shot! Another top tip here is to message them prior on IG to see if you can get discount for some social promotion. They're always busy. The best time to go is around 7am-8am after seeing a sunrise at Tegalagang Rice Terraces. The Bali Swing also offers a range of tours, rafting trips & rope swings with jungle views. We spent an afternoon shooting great content here with our influencer team but we'd recommend shooting at sunset for the best shots... also don't be scared to barter, they will always say yes eventually. 

Bali Swing - Ubud 

 Bali Swing - Ubud

Bali Swing - Ubud

Bali Swing - Ubud

The Monkey Forest, Ubud - Mandala Suci Wenara Wana or well known as Monkey Forest Ubud is the sanctuary or natural habitat of the Balinese long tailed Monkeys. It is located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. About 749 monkeys live in this sanctuary... And every single monkey will want to bite you. Yes... they may look cute but they now don't offer monkey food for tourists to purchase... So now they try to eat everything from your drone case, to camera strap to tshirt! This makes them much more difficult to attract for your "I'm in Bali with a monkey" IG photo! Do stay away from the pregnant monkeys or new borns, as they can be very aggressive! We got bite during our latest shoot, so we'd recommend bringing some antiseptic cream if you're brave enough to get a killer shot. But overall, it's really worth seeing!

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

 Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Tegalagang Rice Terraces, Ubud - The Tegalagang Rice Terrace is possibly the best sunrise location in the world. Honestly, set off as early as you can from your hotel or hostel to be at there with 30 minutes to spare. Givng you time to hunt down your ideal location. For this shoot, we wore lots of white linen to stand out in the golden light flares which penetrate through the palm trees 30 mins after first light. You wont be disappointed by the painfully early alarm... With the combination of strong organic Bali coffee from the terrace shacks and rather cool early morning air, you'll soon forget its 8am and you've been up for 3 hours!!

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

 Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Behind the scenes - Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Team Palm day trip essentials - 

Hat, palm band, beach shorts, necklace


A more serious note - 

Bali is facing an environmental and potential health disaster with the trash on the much loved island. 

With insufficient education on the disposal of rubbish, many of Bali’s millions of plastic bags end up littering the environment, finding their way into the water streams and eventually ending up in the ocean.

Please keep Bali clean, for more information visit -


Team Palm, x

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