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GREECE GANG with Activity Holidays Greece and Bluefin Sups. 

We sent our ambassadors @alexboulton, @joshstockdalee, @yogabybianca and @klarawahlberg_ to the beautiful Greek Islands for a week sailing and creating content with our friends at ActivityHolidaysGreece and BluefinSups.

Greece Gang

Words by: Bianca Polizzi - Photos by: Team Palm

Touch down in Athens and we're welcomed to the golden city by the first breath of warm Mediterranean air as we step off the plane. We grabbed our bags off the carousel, hit the coffee and made our way outside to collect our rented car -  this is a top tip from us for any Greek yachting holiday - road trip to the location and park up: For less than 200 euros you can nab yourself a super spacious 5-seater for a week. Well worth the spend for the 5 hour road trip to Nidri from Athens, taking our time winding through the mountains, surrounded by sea views with plenty of picture perfect stop offs along the way. Eyes wide, jaws dropping as we came to the bridge before our destination, driving across onto the island of Lefkas.




Couple shot


Greeted by the owner and our host for the week, @YachtyBen and his fiancee, @Ninakatesmart, we loaded up our luggage up onto Captain Jack - a 45 metre beauty of a sailing boat - equipped with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and all the amenities and comforts to make this feel like a home away from home, even on the ocean.. With the engine roaring into action, we began our 5 day journey, seamlessly gliding over the deep blue waves until we reached our first lunch stop and lowered the anchor. Wedding Ring Bay; a serene af slice of paradise with water so clear you could watch the fish nibble on the unfinished husks of bread from the salad lunch Nina had prepared for us. When in Greece, a must-try are the 'Dolamdes' - herb-y rice wrapped in vine leaves - a Greek favourite and so damn delicious, even from the tin (feeling like a real sailor) - these delights managed to make their way onto our plates every meal time. This stunning location, perfect for a quick dip in the aquamarine water is located on the north side of Kalamos Island - where we would later dock up to have dinner.




Being lulled to sleep by the waves gently lapping against the side of the boat was just one of the constant highlights of living a pirate's life; then waking to the sound of adventure as the engine jumps to action, welcoming the new day. We made our way to the pontoon west side (yes I am proudly using all of my newfound sailor vocab!) of Kastos island, in a bay called Ormos Sarakiniko before being rained on - but the rain didn't last long and only made the day much brighter and more vibrant when the sky eventually cleared... 
With activity fuelled island hopping, paddling boarding, snorkelling, cave exploring, cliff jumping and swimming, the days seemed endless and each evening docked at the different harbours were nights to remember (despite the wine-consumption). The recommended restaurant stops at the many different harbours from Kioni harbour to Fiscardo on the island of Kefalonia and Spilia in Spartachori on the island of Meganisi made for energetic evening experiences, really living life to the full before returning back to Nidri. Each of the food stops offered fresh specialities for our taste buds to relish. We highly recommend Briam, Moussaka and stuffed tomatoes for any veggies, everyone else - the seafood options are all incredible! Just imagine it now; mouth-watering, squeezing fresh lemon on top is the only way to enjoy the catch of the day.
The sailing life is a completely different way of living but Ben and Nina made it such a breeze, going with the flow and adjusting the plans - and sails - weather and preference dependant, teaching us all the ins and outs of sailing, anchoring up and down and tying all kinds of knots by the end of the week - I felt so committed and you really do get entirely accustomed to the waves that in the end, it actually felt weird to be on land. One of the best moments was docking up away from the harbour and taking out the skiff (the motorised dinghy), feeling very James Bond-esque, to get to our dinner destination - then returning more wobbly from wine than the water was. Such an exceptional experience! Needless to say, whatever floats your boat, there'll be something in Greece for you.
If you're ever hunting for a Greek Adventure please do visit
Love from Team Palm x
gang gang

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